Friday, October 03, 2008

The River


Some of my shots from late summer almost reflect a foretellingDSCN2946_569For email of the fall season in waiting. Even before the temperature change, the rapidly shortening days were as telling a sign as the air. Cool crisp morning air, unique I can say to Wisconsin, is always a sign.

In these photos I show Duck Creek in it's late season stages. The Creek's water level maintained a relatively good height throughout the summer season. It will be going into the next season that way and could lead to high waters next season.

This year, as earlier posting in this blog, showed the creek at a pretty high water stage. Although, it never exceeded the flood stage, it did get close to becoming a problem.

Soon, I will try to cover the colors as they appear in the Duck Creek and Pampering Park Areas.


Cold Hard Cash, Green Bay Wisconsin

Cold H Cash Sept 27 08   (51)_666For email


Cold H Cash Sept 27 08   (9)_624For email

Once again the Cold Hard Cash Band of Green Bay brought the house down with a rocking performance at the South End Pub in Green Bay Wisconsin.

With of mix of Motown, Rock , R&B and Rock a Billy, the Band covered a huge spectrum of musical styles.

With well over 180 years of collective music experience, it is no wonder tCold H Cash Sept 27 08   (5)_620For emailhe Band easily glides through various musical styles with an artistic quality that only veteran stage professionals can.

Making up the Band are Bill Harrison on Lead and Rhythm Guitar (R), James LeFevre (L) on Drums, Dennis Vandenberg on Keyboards, Erik Bertaud on Saxophone and Vocals, and Larry Crawford on Bass and Vocals.

In this short feature video produced by Marcel Kuemmet Photography for PHOSARI, we take a quick look atCold H Cash Sept 27 08   (29)_644For email the bands performance and meet some of it's members. In a few weeks we will also offer a full 30 minute video of the bands performance with more band member interviews and full size file download on Quicktime and Windows formats.

We have just updated this site to immediately dCold H Cash Sept 27 08   (41)_656For emailiscount rumors that Cold Hard Cash Singer and Sax player Erik Bertaud was recently declassified by the Defense Intelligence Agency as the Illegitimate child  of Elvis Aaron Presley lost to a Peruvian Head Hunter Tribe and rescued in a daring midnight raid by David Lee Roth and ... Larry.

Recent update; We have learned through confidential sources that he was in fact rescued not by Dave and Larry, but by Ckick & Clack.  In fact he wasn't technically rescued.  Click & Clack apparently traded the tribe for a 89 Toyota Wagon (with extra "Head Room") for him.

More information and booking information can be found at COLD HARD CASH!!!.

The full size video files are now available to download.
You can download the H.264 Quicktime file (99.9MB) if you click here. 
You can download the Windows Media version (237.1MB) if you click here.