Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Another Interview

I most likely will not have to wear a suit to the security job, but time will tell.
I do have a second interview for a furniture sales position with WGR in Manitowoc.

Today I applied for the State Voter Registration System Specialist position with the Manitowoc County Clerks Office. It would be an excellent part time postition for me.

Looks like I'll be back in Uniform soon. I got hired for a security job with a telelphone interview today. To the Left is a shot from last year when I worked in Green Bay. The new job is part time.

To the right is a shot from 2001 while working at BayShip in Sturgeon Bay. Plus I will have to shave off the beard. Mustache only again, most likely.

Left is a shot from a few minutes ago, soon without the beard....

The link for my first blog

Sometimes I feel like an .........

Here are the links for the first blog and the photo site..

The little Chihuahua

The little
Chihuahua known as Neegee.

Another day to walk in the park.