Friday, December 14, 2012

Bargain City … More than Just a Name

Bargain City for top
Now I don’t usually promote private business, but when a business is exceptionally helpful, and downright nice to the point I end up shakingBargain City wow (22) my head in wonder, that’s when I just have to take action.
When shopping there is always the rigid pricing system, poor customer service, and most likely clerks and sales folks that don’t know a hoot about the products that they sell, and justBargain City wow (21) want to get back to the break room as fast as possible.  That is the reality of big box corporate retail today.  Get em in, get  their money, and get em out, as fast as possible.
It’s always inspirational (and in this case cost effective) when one finds a store by humans, of humans, and for humans.  The store Bargain City, located at 1930 West College Avenue, Appleton, WI 54914, it just such a store.  Although it won’t take a bus ride to get to one side from the other like a Wally Mart Super store, they carry everything from Dry Goods to HolidayBargain City wow (31) and gift items.  Featuring … Coats, Trinkets, Dolls, Foods, Tools, Green Bay Packer Items, Knives, Swords, Paint, Jewelry, reading and sun glasses, fans, gift ideas, greeting and gift cards, Christmas and holiday Items, statues, electronic games, Santa Clause thingies, Guitars (Ibanez S body), and the list could go on and on.   So if your in the market … for just about anything at a reasonable price in a nice friendly down home simple shopping environment, beBargain City wow (88) sure to check our Bargain City first, then to if you can’t find it there, then to to the big corporate store.
Good luck, and good bargain hunting!
Be sure to check out the slide show below to see what the store looks like!

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