Monday, February 16, 2009

Marcels First Message in HD

I was using a 1Gb card so I could not shoot in the best quality.  Tomorrow the 8GB SDHC card will show, then I can record in full quality at the highest bandwidth the camera is capable of. 

The lighting is bad as well.  I tried to manually set the white balance, but could not figure it out on the quick.  So the color is off just a bit.

I also will need to get out and shoot some new lead in (out) footage.  The Sunset scenes I use here are the same as I have been using for quite a while.  They were not shot in HD. 

Even with this being HD, I did offer a regular low resolution version that is easier for those with slow connections to watch just to the right. It doesn't look any better than the old camera.   The HD version is below.

I really didn't do that great with this video, but all will improve over time. 

Life is a learning process.