Thursday, February 16, 2006

Fun In The Sun ... Snow

Good times were to had in Manitowoc Wisconsin today. With the blizzard (officially) in full blow, there was fun in the snow and good times for all.

The storm was called "Christine", and she was a cold hard ...

There were the sledders going down the hill next to Manitou Park.

I took some shots from the Train Tressel, notice the that the River is Frozen solid. A few weeks ago in January there was still open water as can be seen in a posting earlier on this blog.

Enjoy the Pics.

A sledder and his passenger goes down the hill next to Mighigan Avenue.

A Statue in Evergreen Cemetary

A veterans Marker in
Evergreen Cemetary.

White out in Evergreen Cemetary

The Railroad bridge below Evergreen Cemetary
The Photographer and Author

The Railroad bridge below Evergreen Cemetary
The Railroad below Evergreen Cemetary
The sledders off of Michigan Avenue
The Manitowoc River

The view Manitowoc River from the Railroad Railroad Tressel
The End

Snowed In Today ... Or So They Think

We are getting a little snow today ... is supposed to go on all day.
It is already about a foot deep, although I didn't break out the tape measure.
I am going out for shot a little later ... so check back.
Here are some shots I took at about 11:30 am today. I know the time of posting is about 3 hours before the actual time.