Monday, April 23, 2012

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Sen. Grothman’s Corporate Takeover and Privatization of Child Care … for Profit

 Should single parents have the right to raise their children without government interference?  Some think not, and you may be surprised as to who would would like to see government employees (remember, you pay their salaries) come into your homes, take your children, and, in the long run,Grothman protest manitowoc (5)_025Grothman protest manitowoc (5)for online use turn them over to a corporation that has a no-bid government contract to raise and educate them.

As a result of this a group of Wisconsin citizens gathered Sunday in Manitowoc, WI at the local Holiday Inn to protest a proposed bill that would be the first step in this process. Senate Bill 507, would classify single parenthood a contributing factor to child abuse, if passed into law.

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