Saturday, February 11, 2006

Old Green Bay Photos

Here are some shots of the Green Bay area from the past year or so. I don't really miss the town, but there was always a pretty good supply of photo oportunities there.
Some of my sunset shots are from the Fox River Trail. These are from around the downtown/Broadway area.
I don't get to do too much night photography any more with the Nikon 885 being permanantly set on auto.
One needs to set the camera on manual, mount it on a tripod, and (at least as I would do) use the shutter priority mode.
This would usually make for a long shutter setting, so use of the tripod is mandatory.
The Tripod mount is also wore out now. so I now can't get those long exposure shots that result in such nice light.
Hopefully there will be a new camera (preferably DSLR) in the near future.