Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I may be doing some film photography soon

I had an test for a Teller position at the bank on Tuesday. Did OK I guess.
Next is an interview with the branch manager ... that is if I did good enough on the test.

I may be doing some film photography soon ... it will take a little longer to get those shots out as they must be developed and scanned. It wi
ll be interesting to see if there is much of a difference when displayed on this site.
Here is a shot of the cat " Little Cat". It is basically a snap shot, so it proves that even I sometimes like basic photos.

While exploring the Fox River in the Appleton area, I
spied a little house that is nicely situated in the middle of the river on a small bridge. It is in between the two larger bridges. I found out that it is the Bridge Tenders house.
Most of the photos I took of it were lost when the library computer messed up the burn. Only the ones that I had saved to my Yahoo photo album were saved.

It just goes to re-enforce the rule to always check the burned CD after completely removing it from the computer, then
reinserting it in the drive. The readings can sometimes be false. Only after that should one delete the memory card.