Saturday, February 28, 2009

My CNN Settings

I have created my own settings for my CNN iReports.

I explain in detail here .I shoot and import into Premiere at 1080i. I do my editing, add narration, what ever.

Then I export to Max bandwidth at full 100% quality 720p HD. Then I take that and resize the video to fit perfectly for a 1024X768 resolution monitor (re-save to the desktop). That way, it won't be oversized.  And the file/video gets "flattened".  That makes it easier on the processor.
The I take that file in Quicktime, and export to (now in Quicktime Pro) resolution of (size, under options in export in QT Pro) of 768X576.  Since this is a 4/3 aspect ratio I set to "Maintain Aspect Ratio" the QT Settings under size.  That way the video will play in the correct aspect ratio of 16/9 within the CNN 4/3 player.  Also ast his is slightly oversized of the standard broadcast resolution, when the CNN Flash converter converts it, it has a slightly oversized (It thinks it's HD) file to work with.  In the CNN player it should look spectacular.  It will look HD.
One rule though ... to render to this High quality, the video has be less than 60 seconds under the 100MB upload limit.