Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A few shots from Oshkosh

Here are a few shots I got recently while in the Oshkosh area.
I managed to catch a few decent sunset shots.
I managed to get my photos to load. Who knows what may have been the issue, probably an online glitch.

I have unable to get out on very many Photo Safari's lately. This is something that I will work on changing in the future.
I also hope to get more interesting locations for the future.

I may in the future be doing a serious news type blog. I am currently examining if I have time and material for this.

I fill keep you all posted.

Back for Weekly Postings

I will be able to make weekly postings now and may be able to post more often than that. Now if I could only figure out why I cannot load photos to this blog. I am not sure if it is the site, or a limitation on the public computer I am using.