Wednesday, March 15, 2006

On The Road

I will be on the road today. Hopefull I will get some nice shots during my trip.

The Manitowoc River and the Manitou Park area.

Soon I will have quality videos for my Manitowoc loving viewers. For now though I will have to keep taking digital stills and cheap video of the area.

It will be more satisfying when the video will have at least some of the quality of the stills. I am studying up and figuring out the settings as I go. Once I get the hardware, I have most of the software and this site to post it on.

Todays Safari took the opposite direction as

The ground was not as soft today with the colder temperatures. A lot less muddy deal. The water did not appear to me to be high at all. I only know the situation in the Manitou Park area.

I started my exploring by going to the Cemetary. The sun was at a good angle to get some of the seasons color. I never adjust any of the photos and what you see is exactly as I took them. For me, every time I adjust a photo with photoshop or some other software, I swear to me the photo looks fake or something. It always seems to lose some of the sharpness and just doesn't look that good to me.

Literally all of my photos are displayed as they were shot. I try to get the right shot right off.

And at the end this posting is a video of a cat that loves a little dog. The picture is a little dark, but video get the point across at how much these little critters really like each other.