Saturday, February 14, 2009

New Content on Marcel Kuemmet Blogs

Lead in shot for Mesg for viewers

Soon I will be doing my best to get serious with my video shooting, posting and blogging.

Text box note to viewers I am going to be working on some of the serious issues of our community for Green Bay Confidential.

I will be doing be doing some nature and outdoor type reports and the occasional "Art Video" on Phosari.
Screen shot for Negge attacks on Phosari

And I will be covering a wide range of subject matter this blog, Marcel Kuemmet Photography.

I will try my best to get out and cover a wide range of local bands in the Green Bay, expanding the selection of bands and local artists to the preview on the my blog Green Bay Music Scene.  

There may be a new comedy based blog coming out soon as well ... be sure to check back.