Thursday, January 26, 2006

Here is a link to a song that I play on. Recorded while I was a guitarist with the Green Bay based Latin Band Spicy Kitty.
I am playing lead and the melody line of the song at the beginning. It is a classic s
ong of Mexico.
If you can't understand
words, do not feel bad ... it is in spanish.

The band still plays on occasion, though without me.

Soon I hope to have some new recordings featuring a more quality sound along with a heavier format..|pe1|WdjZPXLrvP2rY1W2YGFs

Manitowoc at The River ... across from the Maritime Museum.

This is downtown Manitowoc at the river across from the Maritime Museum.
The 8th street Bridge down from the Museum.
This city does not have a river walk as some of the cities I have been to have, but the area is still nice for walks. In the future I will have a report from the lakeside where there is a walkway along the lake.
It extends for several miles along Memorial Drive.
Coming soon.

Another quiet day

This was another quiet day.

The Hernandez and the Ibanez