Thursday, March 09, 2006

In response to this question ....

In response to this question ....
Everybody: I was wondering if it was worth it to buy a High Definition TV versus a computer. Marcel sent me a link explaining that it makes more sense to get a computer, because high-def TV's are really just computer monitors, so might as well buy the computer with it. If you've seen the Apple Mac 20" displays, they are beautiful, so why not have a computer AND have the high-def TV included? Its cheaper than buying both, and if you have more than one computer in the house, you can "network" them, which can be VERY cool.

If you want to watch TV while on the computer ... or there a several viewers and computer users .... or want a big screen (IE 40 inch or better), It's best to get a TV. Also, one needs to get a special tuner card to watch TV on a computer unless it has one built in (your Powerebook might very well ... very few PCs do). And one must have a Media type software (like you do Paul ... on the PC).

For you (you don't watch much TV), I nice big monitor would be the felines buttocks (cat's ass).

For me, I need one of each. Plus, when editing my video (eventually), I want to see a preview on a 40 inch or bigger screen. I need at least one computer monitor to have the c
ontrols up. Three would be best (plus a large TV viewer ... run on the TV out).

Like the multi-screen setup like Rex had. To do this with a Laptop (must be portable for Location Shooting) one can use a


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For you though ... a large wide screen monitor would work real well ... it would improve your entire experience.

Your Powerbook may be able to run more than one screen already. The Screen probably works in 1080i already.

And yes, you can network them. I don't have the link handy, but there is the interface that can link your PC with the Powerbook without the glitch problems of the past.

Also with the Matrox system, one can have a monitor (there cheap) in the bedroom and display TV and movies on it. You would have control over it from your location, but you don't need to be there. You would also be using processor power, but it uses less electricity than a TV. But then again, you could run a monitor to the bedroom off the PC.

Of course though ... you already have too modern computers. I will try to find the external linking system again.

And remember to get ideas from others ... I'm not a Pro..