Wednesday, August 08, 2012

New Methods and Small Dogs.

As I adjust to mobile work again, I am once again breaking new ground, learning new methods and developing new work flow.   From a mobile, portable (USB based) video editing program, tDSCN9111o a more artistic approach to shooting.  Of course trying to do it without it being too obvious.   I am eager to put Newby for posting 2some of these new methods to use in future and upcoming projects that concern the environment and sustainable living.  

Look to a report soon on the History of Pulaski, WI.  A recent visit to the Pulaski Historical Society’s Local Museum proved to be quite interesting.  I received a great tour and many details on some very interesting events in Pulaski’s past.  I hope to have something out on that within the next few weeks.  I am still working on a report on motorized bicycles as well.  Of course, both reports will feature photos and video, and be on Wisconsin Confidential.