Thursday, September 02, 2010

Online HD News Distribution Quickly Becoming a Worldwide Standard

In today’s digital flow of information, news and images, getting a story out in almost real time isn’t only for the big guys any longer.   With tapeless workflow, small efficient High Definition cameras Video for WFRV promo 1 Still (9)_757Video for WFRV promo 1 Still (9)compressedand all digital non linear editing systems available now to even basic consumers, it is quickly becoming all about workflow and efficiency. 

Those with an already established workflow and a proven and efficient method of distribution will win.  He who gets the story out first … wins.

Now with today’s even most basic non linear editing systems … it is possible to quickly render one to two minute reports in full … crystal clear High Definition, with rapid online worldwide distribution available in multiple formats and resolutions depending on the ability of the consumer’s hardware and their personal preferences.

For those who embrace this new forum to distribute quality information, news, and video will have an advantage over the others in cost as well as quality.

The ability to provide content to independent as well as network distributors with very little in investment or overhead costs for the distributor … in a rapid digital format that can keep pace with today’s continuous rapid flow of events as they occur.

With the internet infrastructure improving and bandwidth expanding the demand for quality High Definition content is increasing every day. 

By using the Opaque business model and working directly with your field crews, we can provide you with a low cost method of delivering High Definition online video content.

Creating this high quality content at a cost and pace never before seen … providing our viewers with the highest quality content in the shortest amount of time … Getting the story out first … with the technology of today … and the vision for tomorrow

If you would like to download this video, here are your options ….Quicktime H.264 720p version, (54.3MB, click here to download).  If that file is to much for your video processor on your office computer, you can try the HD Light version (23.5MB, click here to download).
In Windows Media format, 720p HD version (86.2MB,
click here to download),  1080i version (MB, click here to download).