Sunday, August 17, 2008

Views and Sunsets of Brown County August 2008 Video

Views and Sunsets of Brown County August 2008
To download the full size Windows Media Video (38.2MB) click here.

The Light and The Shade

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Various lighting provides interesting shade and balance. Angles with composition provide character. The time of the day is conveyed through a simple feeling of the senses as they are conveyed though Light and Color.

Quick on the draw with the Pocket cam ... always ready to get a quick shot.

The shades have been adamant of their presence with a strong showing in the times of the lower angle of light ... or almost no light at all.

Here true Packer fans watch the game in the beauty of a perfect outdoor evening.

Now with motion and lighting extremes, used with a natural element as the source and featured model.

Available light making itself available ... on a dark night.