Sunday, August 29, 2010

Scenes of Wisconsin, Summer of 2010

I always keep my cameras close and over the course of the last months (and years) have assembled quite the collection of footage that I don’t use.  When I first started doing video I often created what I call “Art” videos.  I was surprised that often these are some of my most popular and most often viewed videos.

As I have been focused on featuring to much of what I am planning to do in my future video, and not enough time and content actually creating the content, I thought this would be a nice change of pace.  In a way almost “regressing”. 

The economy and amount of video work I am getting these days also has effecting my operating budget.  The cost of going out and covering events and stories with no compensation has become difficult to cover, so I have been staying more “local”, or close to home.

Here in this video I have created a sort of “collage” or as I call it in the video a “Clip/slideshow”.  There is not story here or any message being conveyed, so I hope everyone enjoys the pretty pictures and shots.

Thanks for checking out my blog and viewing my videos.