Sunday, December 20, 2015

Neon Animals, A Gallery, A store, a Place for the Ages.

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There are some places that seam simply to exude positive energy.  Around the Pueblo area  we have  several,IMG_2344  rarely though is it a IMG_2403place of business.   Combine art, business, and good company, and you arrive at  Neon Animals.   Tucked away nicely at 105 W. 2nd Street in Downtown Pueblo, the Gallery/store is located convieniently in the center of town and close to other business’s.  It is becoming knownas  a social center for some of the creative class of Pueblo.  A gathering of souls, so to say.  
It’s Curator, Artist Danielle Harwell, and Co-Curator, Mathew Taylor,  hosts aNeon Animals Curator, Artist Danielle Harwell monthy ‘”showing”, formally displaying the art of local talent.  Although this is an event that is promoted Neon Animalsthrough Facebook, there is a daily stream of activity as a sort of unofficial  “Artist Union Hall”.   Some may know Mathew from the spectacular mural work he does as part of a team here in Pueblo.  They are the crew behind the “Bear”, the “Horse”, and several other massive and beautiful Murals that decorate the Greater Pueblo area..The Pueblo Neon Animals Co-Curator Mathew TaylorScout has plans for a story on Mathew and the crew in the near future.
Neon  Animals has and is developing as not only an excellent small venue for art in Pueblo, it’s also a great place to meet new freiends, artists, and of course, network.
One would have to say it is a place that one should “experience” in order to truly understand a place of good Karma.  So if your downtown and interested in art, be sure sure to come down and experience it for yourself. PLEASE!, Donate here ..
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