Thursday, December 08, 2011

On my way to to John Boehner’s office.

There is a group going on a march that will end at his office.  There is only one person that has been selected to speak with Rep. Boehner if given the chance.   As I am not entirely confident that they will be educated in the actual pending bills that are relevant, I have decided to go it alone today.  My primary interest is in Hr 459.  This is the bill to audit the Fed. 

I was surprised that they (the organizers) would not let me talk to the Representative again.  I was with the group that went to Rep. Duffy’s office.  There was little interest shown by the staff there to see that the boss would actually see us.  Normal channels must be used and a meet must be scheduled several weeks in advance we were informed.  That was of course before I had one of his aids look up  HR 249, a bill that Rep Duffy co-sponsored. When I suggested that maybe Rep Duffy at least have a short meet with some of his constituents on this issue (one that supports some of the original Occupy Wall Street demands from the very first days), he may find there are a few of us that do in fact support his efforts in this specific matter. 
Suddenly there was a spark of interest.  His primary staff leader quickly went into his office and made some calls.  Within 45 minutes we were informed by his staff that he would meet with some of his direct constituents, which I am not.  As a result I was not allowed to attend the meeting.  There was little actual knowledge of any of the pending bills.  Primarily the usual outrage of lack of jobs and the economy, but no knowledge of why those situations exist as a result of our monetary policy,   I can understand why a rep may not wish to speak to those who are only interested in confrontation, and not constructive dialog.   As a Ranger, once again I am going to go on my own, and accomplish my mission to the best of my ability.  Wish me luck.   I will try to update my progress later if I have time and there is a computer available (I am using an Occupy Laptop in the media tent).  Again, wish me luck.