Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Original Page

On this site you will see photos and a record of daily events.
M ore of my photos can be viewed at...

The first photos are from the past year or two.
This one is of the Fox River in Green Bay taken in 2004.
I have been a photography buff for many years, but have only really start shooting alot in the last couple of years.
I am now shooting with a Nikon 885. The camera is damaged and cannot be controlled manually.
I plan to aquire a Nikon D50 within a year.
I have recently moved back to Manitowoc, WI..
Most of the new photo's well be in the Manitowoc area.
I will be living with some rooomates, Palo the Bird,
and Neegee, a Chiwawa.
A walk in Schuette park today brought many memories of when I was young.
little has changed since the I spent many hours and days there.

Clean shaven and A New Uniform

Clean shaven and dressed to full yuppie, I was issued a new uniform with the new security company

Personally, I think I look like a geek....