Monday, September 28, 2009

My Dual Still and Video Camera Set Up

DSCN0379_3308 for online use

I thought some of my readers may be interested in the way that I have my tripod set up with both cameras.  I originally didn't plan to post this, so please excuse the utility articles in the background. 

With this set up I have the convenience to just grab the tripod and go on the quick. DSCN0380_3307 for online use As I do much of my shooting in low light conditions, this really does expedite the process on getting the kind of shot that I want without switching cameras.

The Nikon is attached to a "ATS Ultraclamp UCA-T".  It allows me to attach the mount or clamp to a variety of objects such as a car window, tree, bike handle bars, or what ever I can find that is between 1.5 inches in diameter.

The ATS Ultraclamp UCA-T is a powder-coated, aluminum-alloy clamp with a removable, ball-joint head. It can clamp to flat or round objects and has a maximum, jaw opening of 1-1/2". Its face features a 1" cork disk and the base is coated in rubber, ensuring that it will not mar surfaces. Its ball-joint head locks to the clamp at 45° increments and can also rotate 90° in any direction. It also features a 1/4" threaded stud for mounting cameras, as well as 3/8" and 5/8" thread adapters for microphones.