Monday, August 03, 2009

New Camera

I have finally upgraded my still camera to a Nikon P90.Campfire 07_2188 for online use.31 (13)  While still not a professional DLSR type camera, it does have some advanced user features (the campfire photo to the right was taken with the little L4).Miley and Lola (5)_2207 for online use  The camera does have full manual controls and shoot at 12MP. 

I have only one day with the camera, but I do like the 600 MM zoom lens and having the ability to once again control the camera manually.

I will be trying to finish off the 4th of July/Independence day video.  I have a good start on it bDSCN0115_2244 for online useut the Company Mag ad tookDSCN0166_2290 for online use most of my time to finish as well as the Real Estate videos.

I managed to shoot the moon in this night shot taken an hour or so ago.