Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Gardens First Year

Garden Sunset top Juen 18 2010 In this video I am covering two subjects.  One is is our garden, which is in it’s first year, the other the video itself.

Our garden is made of shade, food and decorative plants (mostly just the ones in the front).  Although in it’s first full year, zuchinni Jluy 19 (1)_402zuchinni Jluy 19 (1)compressedGarden Jly 19_381Garden Jly 19compressedit seems to be progressing well.  I can mark the occasion as well by declaring the I now have my very own Zucchini plant.  This is important as I am aware of a rule up in Door County that clearly states, “those who don’t grow Zucchini, or have any given to them, have no friends”.  If one Garden Jly 19 (4)_379Garden Jly 19 (4)compressedcan grow his own Zucchini, then one does not need friends.

Among the decorative anGarden July2 (38)_077Garden July2 (38)compressedd socially isolating food pants, we also have many spices (some we are not able to identify) and even seed pods (above). 

We will continue to post updates as the garden progresses, here and on my Facebook page.

In the video, one will notice a few flash frames (extra frames in the transitions).  This is caused by several things, in this case the processor I am using to render the video I believe. 

It can also be caused by dragging and dropping the video clops into the timeline when editing the video.

I am pretty sure of this as I mostly insert from the clip editing window (instead of dragging and dropping into the timeline).  It has also become an issue when rendering anything over 3 minutes in H.264 (Quicktime), which is my preferred codec, or format.

  Garden July2 (36)_075Garden July2 (36)compressed