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Fox River Spring March 2009

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Spring ArrivesDSCN0186_1257For email

As spring begins here in Wisconsin, the colors begin to appear again taking over the cleansing effect of the white snow.

In this issue of Phosari I take a look at the conditions of the Fox River and the Fox River Trail here in Green Bay.  As one can clearly see in the video and from these stills (photos), the conditions were very good and made for a nice evening and a beautiful sunset.

I have included a few shots of these interesting flying fish artworks that are located on the trail.

FYI; Here are some notes form the a recent Fox River Trail Study.

New Community Facilities Along the Trail

New Brown County Library Branch in De Pere
In May of 2002, Brown County plans to begin building a new library branch at theDSCN0187_1258For email intersection of Broadway Street and Cass Street in De Pere. This facility will face Cass Street, which will provide convenient access for people traveling to the library on the Fox River Trail. The library’s site plan can be found in Appendix 7 of the study.

Heritage Hill State Park
Most of Heritage Hill State Park is currently located between Webster Avenue and Riverside Drive in Allouez, and the entrance is oriented toward Webster Avenue.
However, the Fox River Trail runs along the west end of the park, and the park’s board of directors is considering improvements near the trail.

Sunset Park.

Sunset Park is located between Vista Road and the Fox River Trail in Allouez.  The park is not currently considered to be an official trail access point, but the village plans to establish an access point in the future.DSCN0185_1256For email

Community Involvement with the Trail Adopt-A-Trail Program 

The Fox River Trail Development Plan recommended that an Adopt-A-Trail program be established for the trail after it was finished, and the Brown County Park Department established a program for the trail in the summer of 2001. By December of 2001, the park department had registered a total of 15 families and organizations to care for ten of the 13 trail segments between Green Bay and Greenleaf. A list of the segments and the families and organizations responsible for them is included in Appendix 8 of the study.

Friends of the Fox River Trail
The Friends of the Fox River Trail began during the period when the state was preparing to purchase the trail right-of-way from the imageWisconsin Central Ltd. Railroad. Since the purchase of the right-of-way, this organization has created a website to promote the trail, participated in several trail landscaping and maintenance projects, and started a volunteer trail patrol to monitor rule violations and remind users of trail etiquette.

Bay Shore Bicycle Club
Like the Friends organization,DSCN0182_1253For email the Bay Shore Bicycle Club has helped the Brown County Park Department with several trail improvement projects over the last several months. The club has also donated money for benches and other trail amenities. Leadership Green Bay Leadership Green Bay is a program offered through the Greater Green Bay Area Chamber of Commerce that enables people to work as a team to create and implement
community service projects. In 2001, a Leadership Green Bay team developed a plan to build an observation and fishing deck next to the Fox River Trail in Green Bay. The team also applied for and received a grant to implement the project, and the deck is planned to be built in the spring of 2002.

Equestrian Group
As the Fox River Trail was being built, a group of horse enthusiasts asked the Brown County Park Department to develop a parallel trail for horses south of Heritage Road.
Using local donations and funds from the Wisconsin State Horse Council, the park department developed the parallel horse trail between Heritage Road and Greenleaf. The horse and regular limestone trails briefly merge to cross a waterway, but the rest of the horse trail runs parallel to the regular trail.
 DSCN0189_1260For email

St. Francis Park
Prior to the completion of the trail, the Green Bay Catholic Diocese donated a parcel of riverfront property in Allouez to develop as a small park along the trail. The completed park includes several benches, a gazebo, and extensive landscaping that was installed by the Brown County Park Department and local groups.

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