Monday, April 17, 2006

Manitou Park and the Jetskiers

While at doing a shoot at Manitou Park I noticed some guys on jetskis and they looked like they were having a pretty good time. I didn't get their names, and even if I did I probably wouldn't post them anyways for privacy reasons, but it was nice to see summer activities starting.
Manitou Park is still one of my favorite locations to shoot at ... but I'm sure some of my readers are getting sick of the same location. I am doing map recons for some new areas that have good location potential.
Below there is a video of them doing their thing. I will be posting some nice shots of an
awsome sunset I got a few days ago but I wanted to get this out first.
I still miss the ability to shoot on manual as I know I can get better color and resolution our of my camera when I was able to manually set it.

The Jetskier video ... From Manitou Park