Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Green Bay's Most affordable High Definition Video production service.

A few things I did want to mention, plus I wanted to give you an example of my work.
Show your business in the best light.
As the advertising market online expands, more and more potential clients are looking to the Internet for goods and services.
If you are looking to show your organization or business in the best "light", you will want actual video.  Just providing a slide show of stills photos will not reflect in a positive manner on your business or organization, as it simply looks "Lazy".  I can provide multiple low light,medium light and combined light shots, using DOF (explained here) as well as interesting angles and composition.
We will make you look good ...
Although I provide broadcast ready formats (TV stations will vary as to there encoding and format requirements), I can also provide multiple hosting service's for your promotional video, although I recommend youtube for viewer ease of use.
Videos can be up to 4 minutes in length (online viewers usually only watch the first two to three minutes). Longer videos can be produced, although that will be billed at a higher rate. Television advertisement spots run normally in 15, or 30 seconds slots.  Here is an one example.
Avoid legal hassles.
I have seen many business's use copy-written music for their material, without usage rights.  This can create a multitude of legal issues for the supplier as well as the user client.   I supply all the music and online distribution.  You retain the all rights to images and/or any original compositions created for your promotional video.
I also link to your site.  With my high rating on Google, it will make your business a preferred search result when a potential client is searching for related goods or services..
Please consider all these   when considering your next promotional program.
I look forward to doing business with you.
Have a great day!
Thank you,
Marcel Kuemmet

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