Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sudden Cloud Burst Showers Northeast Wisconsin

Fall colors and plants Oct 2010 (20) top

Just after returning from a nice little bike ride with perfect weather we were surprised by a sudden rain burst.  Fall colors and plants Oct 2010 (7)_989Fall colors and plants Oct 2010 (7)compressedOut to re-register to vote (don’t forget to vote!) and get a few more Fall colors and plants Oct 2010 (10)_992Fall colors and plants Oct 2010 (10)compressedfall color photos, the weather looked perfectly clear on the radar as well as to the eye.  But just after returning home we suddenly heard hard rain falling on the roof.  As we didn’t notice any dark clouds while out riding, is was quite a surprise.  As one can see in  the video, it was raining pretty good there for a short while.

I was unable to find any data on how much rain actually fell.  There was not a mention on the weather sites I checked.  It did appear from where I was it could have been a half and inch or more. I am always amazed and entertained by sudden unexpected weather, as long as there is no damage or injury of course.  Once again, I will be keeping my eye out and camera ready if we have any more sudden and interesting weather events in North East Wisconsin and here in Green Bay.


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