Saturday, October 09, 2010

Falls Colors of Oct 9, Last Garden Goodies

Fall top WellDSCN7326_963DSCN7326compressed. with fall in full deployment, the garden have basically been put to rest.  I haveDSCN7328_964DSCN7328compressed just a few Zucchini's still out there, and two potatoes that definitely evolved for the H. floresiensis's species.  They were a race that developed on a small island, and like the other forms of life on the island evolved short and small.  They even had mini elephants there.

The peak of the fall colors in Wisconsin is almost here, and they are starting to show.

I took a quick bike ride with the DSCN7354_980DSCN7354compressedcamera and here is what it looks like here in Bellevue.

DSCN7342_974DSCN7342compressed DSCN7346_977DSCN7346compressed






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