Sunday, August 01, 2010

The Slideshow

Often when telling a story I find that the still photographs I often take can tell the story or convey the feeling I am trying to send to my viewers.  As I am a user of Premiere and have not found a setting I like for still photo slideshows, I have been using the simple Windows Movie Maker to do this.  I like the setting and ease of use.

Since my Vista computer had now finally died, I have been using an XP based computer. 

I have found that in the XP version, the Windows Movie Maker is much less capable.  Although I can do with less effects, I really missed the ability to render High Definition file (A movie/Slideshow) that I can than use in premiere as a ready made slideshow I can B footage over an interview or to give the viewer a break while a point is being made.  It can also be informative as well.

I recently found a software called  .  Although I have not purchased the full version, just having the trial software seems to act as a plug in for Windows Movie Maker that allows me to render out to full HD.  Although I did not find this software that useful in it’s intended purpose as a converter for files in the AVCHD format (to make the files easier to edit), the fact that it has once again allowed me to make HD slideshows I like is very nice and useful to me.

This video is a short example of this.


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