Monday, November 29, 2010

Basic Photography Tip; Using the timer for lowlight photos.

Nov Sunrise top

Reading National Geographic, looking at spectacular examples of lowlight photography was an inspiration for me as a Nov Sunrise (2)_1267Nov Sunrise (2)compressedyoung person exploring the possibilities.  Subscriptions to several photographic how-to magazines were quick to follow. 

Capturing lowlight photos with my little Kodak instamatic was a challenge to say the least.  Today there are better tools to use, even for the ‘snapshot’ consumer.

My favorite and most used feature of today’s digital cameras is the onboard timer.  Although a remote control would be my personal preference, the timer allows the photographer the option of letting the lens meter the available light and adjust the shutter and iris to an appropriate speed and size for a decent image.  Then, set the camera down on a stabile or immobile object in order to avoid movement of the camera during image capture.

In the video, I quickly go

over and demonstrate the basic steps I use with my Nikon P90.  This technique can be mastered quickly with minimal practice.  I take many shots so I have a wide selection of photos to choose from when I review my images. Especially if I am shooting with a specific theme or for a story.  I will actually rehearse the movements I need to make on a shoot before I go out.  I go step by step a few times over so I am familiar with the motions and actions I will take when I begin shooting.  This also forces me to check the gear and equipment before I head out as well.

These are all easy steps to take in building what I like to call “Work Flow”.  Developing a good work flow makes being creative more enjoyable as well as more efficient.

Nov Sunrise (5)_1270Nov Sunrise (5)compressed

A few stabilized and timed shots of today’s sunrise.

Sunrise November 29 2010_1278Sunrise November 29 2010compressed

Sunrise November 29 2010 (3)_1275Sunrise November 29 2010 (3)compressed

Sunrise November 29 2010 (4)_1276Sunrise November 29 2010 (4)compressed

Sunrise November 29 2010 (2)_1274Sunrise November 29 2010 (2)compressed

Sunrise November 29 2010 (1)_1273Sunrise November 29 2010 (1)compressed


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