Sunday, January 16, 2011

Early 2011 Wisconsin News, Art, and Photography Videos in the Works.

Foggy Evening Jan 31 2010 post top_1859Foggy Evening Jan 31 2010 post topCompressed A quick outlook at Phosari on what is in the works for 2011.  At Phosari ( ), the video arm of http://wisconsinconfidential.blogspot... http://greenbayconfidential.blogspot.... and http://marcelkuemmetphotography.blogs... we try to provide information and interesting stories and vPhosari screen shot 2011 vids in worksideo content from Green Bay, Bellevue and all of NE Wisconsin. I simply try to make them interesting to watch.
If you would like to never miss an episode of Phosari, I recommend using Itunes to subscibe to my video podcast. Subscribe to Phosari, my show, in High Def with this link ...

Winter Sun Setting GIF Animation

Foggy Evening Jan 31 2010 (3)_1857Foggy Evening Jan 31 2010 (3)Compressed

Green Bay Winter Dec 8 2010_1876Green Bay Winter Dec 8 2010CompressedFoggy Evening Jan 31 2010_1858Foggy Evening Jan 31 2010Compressed


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