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Get out and Vote! … WI. Re-Call Election Information Here

Vote in this years Wi Recall elections top

Some of us have simple minds (this blogger included) that work on past experience.  The recall election is such a thing that makes us scratch our heads.  The election dates may be a little confusing for some of DSCN9336compressedus … including me, but there is a good source for clarification.  The Government.  The Wisconsin Government Accountability Board has published the list of dates relevant to the various re-call elections being conducted here in Wisconsin.

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Here is some of the information provided by   … this list most relevant to North East Wisconsin.

July 19, August 16, 2011 Recall Elections

On June 10, 2011, the Government Accountability Board ordered recall elections for July 19, 2011 in the following State Senate Districts: DSCN9347

District 12 -- Senator Jim Holperin

District 22 -- Senator Robert Wirch

Distirct 30 -- Senator Dave Hansen

If more than one person runs against each incumbent, the July 19 election becomes a primary, and the general recall election will be held four weeks later on August 16, 2011.


Click here for challenges filed to nominating petitions of candidates for the July 19 recall elections.

All Candidates Registered for  July 19, 2011 Recall Elections

This PDF report contains the names of all candidates who have registered for campaign finance purposes, as well as those who filed nomination papers by the deadline of 5 p.m. June 21. It will be updated as staff verifies the the numbers of valid signatures on each nominating petition.

For up-to-the-minute information about who has registered, please use the Campaign Finance Information System.  Click on "View Registrants" to search.


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