Friday, November 17, 2006

The End of Fall Already

Although I do enjoy the fall season, I cannot look forward to the winter months. This is a time that my photographic inspiration is limited.

The colors are nice, but it can be frustrating when one cannot capture what one sees in the minds eye.

With my camera down (now I cannot delete the photos on the card), it is getting to be a chall enge to inspire. I do, however, continue to plan future shoots.

I am doing a large amount of mental and technological preparation for the news site. I am getting close to having all of the technical issues resolved, and I will be ready to go in a very short amount of time when it is time.

Here are a coouple of shots that I like that I feel are kind of moody. They can convey the mood of the time.

Another is a hallway, it would have been better if I could have used a little zoom.

Below is a shot that I took earlier this summer on the little railroad bridge. I was a very hot evening and if one clicks on the shot they will be able to tell.

I also include a few more shots of the Oshkosh area. I am starting to run out of old shots to use for my postings.

It should not be long and I will again be able to shoot on manual and create some interesting scenes.

I am also looking forward to posting video’s, both artistic and silly.

Look for the postings to come often when I get re-set up and ready to go with the gear.

I hope to be proffesionally shooting by then too.

All in time…


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