Thursday, November 16, 2006

Creation; Manitowoc Confidential

I have begun to post some test videos on my news website, Manitowoc Confidential. The videos that are there are not news postings, but various video formats that I am testing to see the quality that I am getting.

I am also experimenting the various sizes of the video itself. I have discovered that the H.264 codec videos can be scaled up in size without a major loss in quality.

Penguin Drive-In, Manitowoc, WIOne bit of news though ... the beloved Penguin Drive-in Restaurant, located at 3900 Calumet Avenue in Manitowoc, has closed. I have heard that it was the result of a health inspection by the city. Apparently the owner resides out of town.

This is a sad event for me as I have been a customer since I was a small child growing up just across the street on the Clipper City Motel.

Lets hope it is not a sign of things to come as the new and big corporate eateries take over by any means necessary.

Photo Credit note; The above photos were taken from and are the property of;

Wisconsin Historical Society,

And the University of Minnesota


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Penquin Drive Inn is open! It reopened on 1/3/08! There is new owners and it is great looking inside!

9:07 AM  

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