Saturday, November 04, 2006

Manitowoc... Lake Michigan Morning

Here I have finally got some of my recent shots off the camera. I had to pay to have them burned on a picture CD.

Here is a sunrise from the Lake Michigan shoreline in Manitowoc.

Above is a cropped version of the photo above it.
I have also taken this same shot with a friends 35mm film camera, but with a 210mm zoom lens. I hope to have them developed ans scanned soon for all to see.

At the left, a somewhat blurry shot of the Manitowoc Maritime Museum. Taken just before sunrise.

I also wanted to include some of these shots from a trip to Oshkosh. They are from a couple of months ago, but I don't think that I posted all of them. Either way, I like them enough to show them again.

I captured several views from the small man-made peninsula that were quite interesting.

I managed to capture the light at an interesting time of day that could express the content feeling that a time and space such as the one pictured can instill on ones soul.

I have some new shots of the little guy, or the little wonder dog that goes by the name of Neege


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