Friday, November 10, 2006

And Winter Starts

It seems that here in Wis-
consin winter is starting early.
The snow is starting to fall and the tem-
peratures have dropped.
I hope that you all have found my posts on the Network Neutrality issue interesting. I had hoped to get some comments on that. I know I have a lot viewers from my site meter records. I hope that it will grow over time.

I have inserted a few new links at the top right of the page (that is if you are using Firefox).
They would be at the bottom of the page (just above my profile) if you are using IE (Internet Explorer). One is an online digital clock (above) that I like to use when I am online.

The other is an internet spee-
(Right) to test the actual download speed that you are getting from you ISP.

Below is a link to really beautiful HDVideo in the Windows Media Player format.
Give it about 10 minutes to download with a cable broadband modem.
Remember, these in in full screen in 720p High Definition (sort of).
This is close to what I wish to provide in the near future. Hopefully by Febuary of 2007.

Enjoy ...

Another on that I like.


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