Saturday, October 03, 2009

Star or UFO Wisconsin Confidential October 2 2009

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In my third and final report on this subject, I show one more Star or Planet that if captured with video or still photography at the correct azimuth and under certain conditions can appear to be a UFO or considered as much.UFO,star 9.30 (25)

UFOSTAR 9.30.09 with pointers This is not to disclaim or debunk any specific video or report, just to demonstrate how true it is that “Eye Witness” testimony and account, even if “captured” with quality photographic equipment, can be unreliable and not quite scientifically accurate.

I am sure someone will come forward on Youtube and comment telling me what Star or planet I am looking at here.

Although there is a lot of other types of UFO video coming out every day, it will still remain to be seen if the physical evidence can or will ever be produced to establish a solid case for an aircraft of extraterrestrial origin actually operating within our atmosphere or even within low earth orbit.  I do wish that I had the budget that would allow me to go around the United States and even elsewhere in search of that one sighting or incident that cannot be explained.

I am sure that I have shown those who want to believe, but need the evidence, the ease at which some things can be taken out of context.

It has been a lot of fun covering this subject, but unless something shocking comes to light, my next stories may be of a more “Hard News” and “Earthly” subject matter such as Global warming or our national State of War.

We will however have a report coming soon on the Paulding Light with a very Skeptical Believer based, but scientifically sound (Hopefully) report.




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