Sunday, September 27, 2009

UFO In Wisconsin or Venus, on Wisconsin Confidential

DSCN1815 wide

Get the whole story and watch in High Definition at
Here is another report on UFO's, or what in this particular case is actually a star,
or possibly the planet Venus.  One seeing this the video footage of the star may swear (like the other video, there are still those who swear it is a UFO being

operated by Aliens, although if they were with me when I shot the footage they would probably agree it is in fact a star) that though it's perceived shape shifting and color shifts, it is some kind of Alien Spacecraft. 
I am doing this short series to show that many of the UFO videos on the Internet today a
UFO Posting Screen shotre simple anomalies, frame refractions, Camera lens's trying to focus, Lens flare, light variations due to atmospheric conditions, and visual distortions due to atmospheric convection .
I do admit that I have seen some videos and photos that even with advanced technology and near pro editing gear to analyze the video or photo, I cannot explain the ... and those are the ones that truly fascinate.



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