Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Discount Video and Photography Services Available in Green Bay, WI

top shot

I have decided to post this, the first of a few videos that I DSCN0263_1319For emailplan to make promoting my discount photography business.  With my current overhead and production costs, I have the ability to produce professional looking video and still photography at very low prices.

One advantage for me is the fact that I have been playing music since I started on Guitar in 1974 while I was in 4th grade and started piano in 6th grade in 1976. I also had music class every day at my school, St. Mary's. 

This background, training, and experience allows me to easily produce custom music recordings that I can use DSCN0257_1313For email with my video without fear of copywrite violation as I own the copywrites on the music.  One of the major hurdles for an in house production business is contracting composers, musicians, and recording time to create tracks to use with any video productions being created by the studio.  I easily handle all these tasks my self with a quick efficient workflow that I have developed over the years.

As I also started photography in Junior High, and used some of those skills for my last assignment in the US Army, my eye and range of photographic experience increased every year.  Years later when I went digital, I developed a fast Spring May 9 09 (6)_1306For emailefficient workflow and have now applied many of those same aspects to my video production workflow.

As I shoot in full High Definition, and to hard drive, I have no tape or transcoding to deal with.  This can also be a costly time consuming endeavor for many production houses.   Having the ability to simply load my video files directly to the computer hard drive from a digital memory card decreases my work flow time and greatly improves and shortens the time from shooting to rendering and being able to review the footage and the preliminary edits.

All of this gives me a competitive edge over the competition that allows me to quickly produce High Definition Video Content at a low cost and with a very short turn around time.

To demonstrate a limited production message video with a short turn

around time I have made the included video.  The video was shot and edited within one hour, rendered in less than 30 minutes and loaded to both Youtube and Vimeo within two hours. This literally gives me the ability to get a  High Definition video shot, edited, rendered, and published to multiple sites within hours.

For me, it is all about the quality of the photography (Lighting, Angle, and Composition) and the efficiency of the workflow.  And of course the most important part ... seeing the smile on the clients face when they first see their video.

For my next video, I will do the next level of production with specific locations, time of day (for just the right light) and more advanced editing such as "B" footage over shots, narration, custom background music and screen captures.

For this posting I have also included above a few still shots from earlier today.

I state my contact information in the video at the end.

I have included a Standard definition version above left and High Definition version of the video below.

Thank you, I am looking forward to shooting beautiful photos and video for you.



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