Saturday, March 28, 2009

Open Mike On Wednesday Nights at Mikey's Pup with Miguel Barrientos

Miguel Barrientos

Come on down to Mikey's Pub in Green Bay, Wisconsin on Wednesday nights (9pm-1am) for the open mike hosted by Miguel Barrientos and friends.  Originally on Sundays, this is open mike open to all area musicians and is quite stress free.

Unfortunately, due to my error, the sound recording from the actual performance did not sound very good, so I have included a recent song ("Singing the Blues When She's Gone") Miguel and I started composing as background music for some of these scenes.

In the video below, I interview Miguel and Chad Demoulin, one of the "Hired Guns" musicians helping him out that night.  In the near future, I will cover this event again and hopefully get some performance footage for our viewers to see.  I am sure they will decide this is one of the go to events in Green Bay on Wednesday nights.


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