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How to Subscribe to an RSS Feed in Itunes

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A note;  Remember to go down to the bottom of this posting and hit the play button on the full HD video.  Then hit pause.  That way the video should be done buffering by the time you finish reading the article.

Also, you can click on any photo, and it will open in a new Tab or Window at full screen resolution.

Also, all Podcast links are for Itunes.  Other subscription options are available at their respective websites. 

In this posting and video, I explain how to subscribe to my RSS Feed in Itunes
RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication" and is designed to make getting the online content you want as easy as checking your favorite RSS capable application or program.
First a few points.
RSS capable applications like "My Yahoo", will notify you when there is new content available and offer a short description, sometimes an abbreviated text and a link to the content.
RSS capable programs like Itunes will actually download the content to your Hard Drive where it will be ready and waiting for you when you are ready.
An application like Itunes does require to be "open" to automatically load the content. 
SCreen shot Itunes RSS 1I like to open it before I go to bed and in the morning so all my content is there waiting for me in the morning ready for me to watch, instead of me waiting on the content.  I like that.  I also run it in the late afternoon to get my the early ABC News Podcast (an early online Internet orientated version ... it has more stories about technology and the Internet than the broadcast version), The daily Rocketboom HD Podcast, Tekzilla Daily HD (once a week there is a full show), and Cnet HD (all shows).
In the evening, around 9pm I open it to get Countdown with Keith Oberman, the Rachel Maddow show, NBC News and CBS News.

Now, as I explain in the video, find your feed link.  In this case it is for Phosari (it's best to have Itunes already open) and it is  Now right click on the link and select "save link as" (in Firefox) or Copy Shortcut (In Windows Internet Explorer).SCreen shot Itunes RSS 3  Then go to Itunes and select "Advanced" from the menu options list on the top of the page (photo above left) Select "subscribe to Podcast" (also photo above left).  Then paste the link (right click, select "paste"). Then hit OK. (photo right)

You will notice that at least one item or video from PHOSARI  will begin to download (photo below, left).  SCreen shot Itunes RSS 2You will see a list in the "Podcasts" section that will show you what downloads and Podcasts are available.  The HD Podcasts will usually say "HD" at the end of the file or show name.

The only thing left to do now is to go the the "Settings" tab at the bottom left on the Itunes window (photo below, right)SCreen shot Itunes RSS 4 and select the settings that you want for all or for any of the individual Podcasts.   I like the "Check Every Hour" option as I do not always keep Itunes open.  The two times I do run it I want to get everything that is available at that time.

Now when you open Itunes, it will check for new content and get it for you automatically. It's nice to do before you make supper, go to the store, or take a nap.  When you are done with your nap, or trip, or cooking, all your content, shows, videos, and Podcasts are there waiting for you to enjoy.  I hope this helps just a little to fulfill and simplify your online life just a little.  If it does, I have done my Job.

When and if anyone has any suggestions and or comments on anything to do with the videos, photography, text, content, and or layout of my blog(s), please feel free to use the comment feature here on blogger.  I do moderate all of my comments, and I will publish the ones that are relevant to the general theme of the posting. I am especially looking forward to hearing form other photographers, artists, and video and film makers.

I have included a standard definition flash video to the right for those who have older computers, less capable video cards, a slow connection or live in the United States (the USA has a horrible Internet infrastructure ... it's all about offering the least for the most money to maximize corporate profits in the USA).

For the rest of the world, beautiful High Definition below ... Enjoy!

To download the video ....

If you would like to download the full 720p High Definition Quicktime H.264 (205MB) click here.

If you would like to download the 480p standard definition Quicktime Movie (27MB) click here.


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