Friday, April 17, 2009

Phosari .... Fox River April Spring Scenes

DSCN0223 - Copy

A note;  Remember to go down to the bottom of this posting and hit the play button on the full HD video.  Then hit pause.  That way the video should be done buffering by the time you finish reading the article.

I had to take another look at the conditions of the Fox River and the Fox River Trail. DSCN0220_1290For email With today being the first day of 2009 to actually get into the 60's, it was somewhat hard to resist getting out of the house with the cameras and doing some shooting.

The conditions were perfect with great light and comfortable conditions for shooting with light winds to go easy on the microphones. 

One may notice the amount of fishermen on the water in their the watercraft that are the tools of the craft. This I believe is standard for this section of the River, and shows how many of us are suffering from severe Cabin Fever.

I also check out and shoot some footage of the Fox River Trail in the area of the Hwy 172 overpass and bridge.  It had been closed, and I was unable to document the conditions. DSCN0229_1298For email I appeared to me that the Trail should be open for the rest of the season and Summer. If there are any closures or adverse conditions, I will try to report on that in a timely sort of way.

One thing that did impress me was the fact the there is a very nice, full size, wooden deck made available to the public by the Mariner Motel free of charge with a nice big sign clearly stating as such.  DSCN0231I is nice to see a business do something for the public without a "service fee" or some kind of self serving requirement. That is why I felt compelled to mention them in the  report/posting.

In the video I state that a double can be had for one night for $49, but that is for a single.  Still a very good price considering the location and view a stay at this charming little motel can provide.I was indeed quite impressed.

In the future, even though I live just down the road, I IMG_0105_1287For emailmay have to spend a night to get a good idea of what it is like, and I will report the results.

As usual, it was hard to decide which photos to post.  I hope you enjoy my selection.


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