Friday, April 14, 2006

Sunset for March 14, 2006

A quick jot down to the park and I captured a few nice shots of the sunset. With my camera permanently set to auto, it always suprizes me how well the sensor reads the lighting situation. I have always been a strickly manual setting person.
Plus I would always go for the longer shutter speed. Shooting on manual would always prov
ide me with the ability to get more light through the shutter than I normally could. I will have a posting on some Jet-skiers that I shot while down at Manitou Park. I will wait until my video is ready with google. Hopefully by Saturday night ... if I have time to get it out. I have tried "Vimeo" as well as "You Tube" video posting sites. Google is slower with the "approval" process, but I have noticed a slightly higher quality in the playback, as well as easier download and player files. I don't usually mind the wait ... as long as it is not a news-type thing.


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