Monday, April 10, 2006

Good Weather

With the weather nice and more good weather in store, I am now going to try to get some night shots with the film SLR. The moon is in the right stage and close to full moon. If I wait for a full moon, the light will not be right for the position of the moon that I want. It is now or never ... and that will be my photographic objective for the next couple of days.

It will of course be a little longer of a time window for me to get the shots posted. Film development will take several days to a week, and I will probably do the
shots over of a period of a couple of days.

Timing the set-up with the position of the sun and the rising of the moon (from the correct direction ... I.E. the time of year) is the also a major challenge.

I will have to work on my photo pack rig and get my set up time down to an acceptable time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice pics man, keep it up! i know alot of people that have been to this site.

10:41 AM  

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