Saturday, January 25, 2014

Subscribe by RSS to my New Blog, Colorado Confidential

If you use RSS, you can subscribe to my new blog Colorado Confidential by using this link.  If you are not familiar with RSS you can learn what it is here and watch the video.  When uses RSS, one only needs to use an RSS reader (I like “My Yahoo”) and one can go to that page for all of the recent updates.

So if you want to easily keep up on what’s going on, recent posts, HD video, opinion, and Feed Computer icon.all the Photos on Colorado Confidential , you can subscribe here (if you already have a default reader) or use this link,  to copy and past into a reader manually.  Filename extension, .rss, .xml, Internet media type
application/rss+xml, Type of format Web syndication.


PLEASE!, Donate here.,,, It takes a lot of time and effort as well as wear and tear on expensive video and computer equipment to deliver youindependent news and video. The time I can offer, but the costs of providing corporate influence free isn’t free, or easy … free news takes money, to pay for the gear, bandwidth, and gas we use to do these reports. I try to provide more rich and higher quality content than the big money, corporate media. If you value this, please contribute to US Confidential and Wisconsin Confidential by making a donation . Please, Donate here.


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