Friday, April 02, 2010

For Sale ….Hand made 1991 Hamer Sunburst Archtop Custom

For sale: USA made 1991 Hamer Sunburst Archtop Custom electric solid body guitar, double cutaway, with Vintage Orange finish on highly-figured tiger maple bookmatched carved arched top, mahogany back and neck, Hamer sealed tuning heads, Dunlop straplock pegs, 1959 PAF – style

humbucking pickup in neck position and Jeff Beck humbucking pickup in bridge position, three position pickup selector switch, chrome hardware, rosewood or pau ferro fretboard, mother of pearl "crown" inlays, original hardshell case.

There is some fret wear on the upper position frets but the guitar is still playable in all positions. The case is not in perfect condition but it works OK and will protect the guitar. This guitar is increasing in value. Originally retailed for $2,500 in 1991. Asking price: $999. Please note that in one year this guitar will be 20 years old so it can then be listed as "vintage".  This is a great quality guitar and I will sad to see it go but I need to raise some cash for other projects.  You can click on the photos below for full screen viewing …opens in a new tab.

You can download the small version of the video (8.7MB) or the HD version too ... if you like here  ...

See the craigslist posting or contact the seller.

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