Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Phosari ... Message for viewers and subscribers.

I am making this announcement to let my readers and viewers know that I will n

ot be reporting or posting for 

The stories and videos I have done in the past will remain for viewing, but I am going to be focusing on my own blogs.

I will be working on getting more bands and venues covered for The Green Bay Music Scene , getting more serious, hard hitting stories for Wisconsin Confidential and Green Bay Confidential as well as some true PHOSARI style videos in which we going to show a crew record a how to video while they actually shoot a commercial spot.  These will in essence be a “third eye perspective”.

I also plan on shooting a few of the talented photographers I know while they are working for Marcel Kuemmet Photography so that folks can see some of the gear and methods these shooters use.  

So be sure to keep an eye on my sites, or subscribe to my Itunes Podcast to get the latest the fastest.

To download the Small Size Quicktime Video (SD, 6MB) click here.

To download the the Quicktime H.264 720p High Definition version of this video ( 108MB) click here.


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