Friday, October 09, 2009

My First Examiner Article

IExaminer 2009 09 15 examiner logo am not sure if some of you are aware, but I have been picked My First Examiner Articleup as an associate contract journalist with the site  
This is an exciting opportunity as it will allow me to gain a little income from my content.  As I am now considered a veteran blogger with over 5 years of blogging experience, it is nice to be involved with something that will help promote my content and pay me a little something at the same time.
Be sure to check out the article here, and enjoy!

I will soon also have an Itunes subscription link for the video reports I will be doing, of course, always in beautiful full High Definition.            
And remember, you can also subscribe to my Vlog "Phosari" in Itunes (the only HD one from Wisconsin) here ...


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