Sunday, October 18, 2009

Is our cold start to the season a sign that our Planet is not warming?

 Red Lake Rain of October top(10)

Fall More Precipitation is expected this week.

With more Rain and possible snow in forecast for this Forecast screenshot for Week of 18.24 October for NE Wisconsinweek, one may begin to wonder if this will be another fall that is basically an immediate transition from summer to winter.  With most of our weather experts stating Red Lake Rain of October (2)_3734For Email this has been the second coldest start of the season (in some areas of Wisconsin, the coldest)  

Fall Rain and Snow.

Although fall is a season that has a tendency to be cold, windy, and wet, we are once again experiencing record weather conditions.  In a recent posting to his Facebook page, NBC 26 Meteorologist Cameron Moreland stated "Saturday was the 8th consecutive day with highs in the 40s!! Red Lake Rain of October (9)_3741For EmailIt's the earliest on record that that has happened! Records go back to the 1800s".  But what does that mean?  Conservatives who still don't believe that Global Warming is not real, would say anyone with an ounce of  common sense could see that the cold weather easily shows that this Global Warming thing is just more liberal anti business, anti corporate propaganda.

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